Thursday, 7 May 2009

Since you were all so patient...


Yay!!! Also, it's T-B's 22nd birthday today... So everybody think good birthday vibes for him! He has hardcore revision supervisions this afternoon, so is not having the best birthday this time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY!!!

Red, White and Blue...

Lots of images... Sorry ;-D 

This is probably my favourite photoshoot so far, which is saying something! 

So, I'm wearing a Topshop skirt, anonymous cream seamed lace tights, Kate Kuba blue suede heels, falling apart and well loved Venice tee I bought there aged about 12  - the first visit of many - I've tried to find the same shirt since but no luck, vintage navy suede belt, gold rose necklace from Clares Accessories, GAP men's cardigan and my vintage tooled leather bag.

We went for a wander across town to the Granta meadows, Darwin Island and the bit of the river past the sluice. It was excellent fun. And we saw ducks and cows too! The latter roam free on the meadows... That got me childishly excited! You'd think I didn't grow up with a farm behind my house! (Remind me to post a pic of me in green overalls with a pitchfork some time! ;-D)
I also just wanted to say thank you tonnes to everyone who's been so supportive these past couple of weeks... I've really, truly appreciated it. This place, in exam term, can get horrific. I've now got 3.5 weeks til finals, so stress is going to set in again in a week or so I guess. Joy of Joys. But I'll try to post at least a few times a week as I hated being away SO much!

Oooooh, and I *think* I'm also going to be the fashion editor for our uni newspaper in Michaelmas term of next year (that's October to December). How cool!!! I get pieces every week and a twice termly glossy magazine to produce!!! Woop! Now I just have to hope I get on my 4th year course ;-D - which involves revising... Hmmmmm. Maybe I should do that now...

Right. I'm off. Going to the theatre tonight, and off to a conference in Oxford (and seeing the lovely Claire while I'm there) for Friday and Saturday, and I'm getting confirmed on Sunday! (I have the BEST outfit...) So, family's descending. Actually, rather yay! Thus posting might be sporadic, but I'll do my best. Twitter-ing is likely, especially as I may need an outlet for yeeeeep-ness, as staying with the *I-shouldn't-have-this-crush*-crush - Oops! (Before you say anything... It's totally platonic, blah blah blah. Seriously. There are many reasons as to why it's a DEFINITE should-not-would-not-could-not situation... Some of which some of you may have picked up on, but I won't go into detail lol.) Got to love my dramas! ;-D

Also, one final thing... I'm featured on Layers of Meaning as part of the Through Her Eyes series, throughout May. The first post came out on Wednesday, and there'll be three more. If you click on the button in the sidebar, it'll take you to just the series' posts, so check it out if you like! :-D




I was planning to post properly this eve, but due to unforeseen breakdown of right arm, I think I'm just going to go to bed. Typing hurts. Stoopid nerve damage.

Despite pain, I will say this... Just been to the 10 past Midnight preview showing of the new Star Trek film... And it's phenomenal. I may be a (closet) trekkie (born and bred, thank you very much, blame my dad ;-D) but even from a normal-film-POV, it's amazing. It had me going from laughter to tears to on the edge of my seat breathlessness in the space of a few frames. If you can, go see it. It's worth it. Even if just for the cute cadet's uniforms and the ungodly hotness of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban... Yum. Seriously. Plus Simon Pegg and his tiny green sidekick? Hilarious!!!

Hmmmm... I have to be up for a 9am meeting... And it's gone 3am... Oops!!!



Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Quick fantasy...

Short post today, honest! I'm trying to be on a shopping ban (and failing miserably, as I keep needing "essentials" like moisturiser and exfoliating gloves and new mascara... EPIC FAIL!) so am keeping myself happy with fantasy shopping... Like fantasy football, except more fulfilling methinks!

Creatures of Comfort, as ever, yields much inspiration... (Yes, I'm still yearning for *this* Bernard Willhelm dress...)

The PAM Zanbil Dayglo dress... For crazy moments when I want to run and jump and shout!

The PAM Geo Phantasm tank dress... Because sometimes it's going to be crazy warm and I'll still want to run and jump and shout in a crazy moment! 
The Sunshine and Shadow Purple Lights tank dress... For slightly more sober, probably at work, moments, when I need purple dashes in my life, but also need to be taken SERIOUSLY!

The Sunshine and Shadow Green Culottes... Because I haven't had a pair of culottes in ages, and want to feel like a Girl Guide again... ;-D

Each and every one is, of course, well out of my price range... But, hey, isn't that the fun of it??? ;-D

Until tomorrow!


Monday, 4 May 2009

Apologies for unexplained hiatus

Once again, apologies are in order: I've been away for a week, and missed y'all tonnes! Basically, post-dissertation hand-in, I completely crashed and pretty much just slept for the past week, interupted only by migraines and horrendous stomach pains. Oh the joys. I *think*, cross fingers, that that's all done now, so all that's left to do is get back on the horse; work-wise (4 weeks to go to finals!!!!!!!) and blog-wise!

So... Fashion show coverage as promised. I thought I'd highlight one of the bigger names first: Katherine Hamnett.

Having been a huge success in the 80s, with her slogan tees, distressed denim and clothes made out of parachute silk, this decade has seen her company relaunch some of those seminal designs for the fashion-conscious-but-ethical consumer. They only use organic cotton, and ensure fair prices and ethical working conditions. (More on the organic cotton initiative can be found on her website *here* and at the EJF page *here*) She's basically one of the unsung heroes of a lot of recent trends: Balmain's distressed jeans, those iconic House of Holland designs; all hark back to some of Hamnett's original design ethic...

So having her tees at the fashion show was extremely interesting. They were shown a couple of times on the runway: most impressively, in pink with a tweed skirt and knit scarf
They were also shown on the first dance group who performed: the amazing SIN (Safety in Numbers) Cru who are a hip-hop dance group, based in Cam, but world-reknowned, performing on ads and programmes for clients like Top of the Pops (oh... nostalgia...), MTV, Adidas and Levis, as well as ranking well in international competitions. And I have to say, their routine was IMMENSE :-D As, of course, were the tees they were wearing ;-)

The "Choose Life" tee, in vest-dress form, can be found in the Hamnett e-shop in black and white *here* - sooooooo cute! 

According to her website:

"Katharine Hamnett's original CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt brought her worldwide fame. It was her biggest seller in the eighties and now it's back and available in 100% organic cotton.

CHOOSE LIFE first appeared in a Buddhist exhibition that Lynne Franks, of Ab Fab fame, hosted. The CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt embodies an all-encompassing statement about ideal behaviour.

It's not about the anti-abortion lobby. The US anti-abortion lobby attempted to appropriate CHOOSE LIFE. We are taking it back and promoting its real meaning. Ours is authentic and I believe in a woman's right to choose.

I'm a big fan of Buddhism. To portray the message more clearly, I suggested writing it in huge letters on a t-shirt that could be plainly seen on a 35mm contact sheet.

CHOOSE LIFE was relevant then. CHOOSE LIFE is even more relevant now.

CHOOSE LIFE is a message forever.




CHOOSE LIFE over everything you do"

Admirable sentiments in my opinion...

I'm supposed to be revising now, so until tomorrow! 


P.s. I am so ultra-behind on GoogleReader and comments, so once again, bear with me!!! :-)